Using Your Anata With Hologram

Anata NFT
4 min readApr 23, 2022


Anata is the first NFT you can literally be. Anatas use your webcam or phone camera to mimic your movements exactly. When you speak, your Anata speaks. When you blink, your Anata blinks. Move your head back and forth, raise your eyebrows, squint your eyes — it’s all reflected immediately by your Anata.

In this tutorial we will walk through the easiest way to use your Anata, the Hologram chrome extension

  1. Install Hologram

Make sure you’re using Google Chrome as your browser and visit the chrome store. You can search for Hologram or find it by following this link:

Click “Add to Chrome” to install

Once it’s installed you should see the icon in your extensions area. If it doesn’t appear in the main row, click the puzzle icon and pin it.

2. Connect Hologram to your wallet that has your Anata NFT

Simply click connect wallet, choose either Metamask or WalletConnect (whichever you prefer), select the wallet with your Aanta and continue.

Don’t worry, Hologram does not have write privileges and cannot move any of your funds, sign transactions, or move your NFTs. It is read only.

Clicking on Hologram should now show your Anata NFTs!

3. Activate Hologram

For this demo we’re using Google Meet, but Hologram works anywhere where WebRTC is supported.

Click the off/on toggle at the bottom of the hologram extension to activate your Anata. It should now be lit up and you can click it. This switch is basically a kill switch. When it’s set to on, you will be using your Anata on video and when its set to off you will be using your actual face (bleh).

Join a Google Meet with yourself and after a few seconds of loading you’ll see your Anata fully working tracking your every movement!

4. Use the tabs in hologram to reposition and resize your Anata, activate emotes, change your background, and modulate your voice!

There are 3 other tabs to explore!

Positioning tab:

  • Move the slider to zoom in and out of your Anata
  • Drag the character around to change it’s position
  • Click on an emote to activate the emote. More than 1 emote can be activated at a time

Background tab:

  • If you have other NFTs in your wallet you can use them as background with the NFTs section
  • If you just want a flat color as the background, click colors and you will have a selector

Voice tab:

  • Adjust your pitch up or down
  • Up will make you sound more like a chipmunk and down will make you sound more live a evil monster
  • Clicking the preview button will play an example voice, but you need to add someone else to the meet to hear your voice output. A good way to do this is to just join the call with your phone (be sure to adjust microphones and sound for no reverb)

Next time you join a meeting your settings will be cached so your Anata starts positioned just as you left it last time.

That’s all! We hope you enjoy using your Anata and showing it off to your friends. This is also an easy way to get some screenshots to post as your PFP!

Stay tuned as we’ll have tutorials in the coming days for downloading your Anata files directly from arweave, using tools like vtube studio, and activating tongue tracking with an iPhone!