The Mint

Anata NFT
3 min readApr 21, 2022


It’s finally here, the Anata mint is just around the corner. We’re excited for everyone to get their hands on one and experience using what we’ve spent the last few months building! This article will go over everything you need to know about minting an Anata.

Starting at 12:00 PST on Thursday April 21st you can visit to mint. Here you can try out some demo Anata’s live on the website, learn more about the project, and take part in the auction.

The rules of the mint are as follows:

  • Each wallet can mint up to 3 Anatas
  • Over a 24h period you can bid whatever you’d like to pay for an Anata. Bids can be increased at any time but cannot be cancelled.
  • The top 1920 bids will win an Anata, but everyone will pay the price of the lowest winning bid
  • The auction will end at a random time within the last 3 hours
  • The minimum bid is 0.25E
  • Bids cannot be cancelled, but they can be changed (more details below)
  • The auction will end at a random time determined by a random number generator within the last 3 hours of the auction (9am-Noon PT or 4pm-7pm UTC, April 22nd)

We think this is the best option because it means nobody will over or underpay for an Anata, everyone will get the same price, and it gives an opportunity to bootstrap a healthy treasury!

Here’s exactly how the flow will work

  1. When you visit the Metadrop website you’ll be presented with the below UI. Here you can decide how many Anata NFTs you want to bid on and the maximum you want to pay for each:

2. Clicking place bid will open your Ethereum wallet so you can sign the transaction and make your bid. Don’t worry, if you don’t win, you will not lose this ETH.

3. You can then monitor the leaderboard to see if you have one of the winning bids or not

4. If you fall off the leaderboard or want to update your bid the UI will be available to do so. To prevent bots from spamming bids and removing them at the last second, bids cannot be decreased, but they can be increased. For instance if you bid on 3 for .33E each and the lowest bid is .4, you can update your bid to be 2 for .5E each without adding more ETH. If you need more ETH the UI will reflect it so you can add.

Throughout the process there will be a distribution graph so it’s easy to see how the overall auction is going

And now, some frequently asked questions:

Q: What if the lowest winning bid is .4E and multiple people bid .4E but there isn’t enough for all of them?
A: It’s first come first serve. If multiple wallets place equivalent bids, bids will be given preference based on time made. The earliest of the bidders will be the winners.

Q: Can I choose which Anata I bid on?
A: No, the winning bidders will all receive random Anatas

Q: When does my Anata reveal?
A: 24h after the mint concludes, Anatas will reveal!