The Illustrated Guide to Anata Traits

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5 min readApr 20, 2022

UPDATE: Ultimately we decided to make the categories more granular, to make traits easier to search! The final trait categories are Body, Clothing, Hair, Type, Glasses, Masks, Eyes, Face Other, Earring, Ribbons and Bows, Clips and Kanzashi, Hair Accessory Other, Head, Halos, Hats, Head Accessory Other, Neck, Tail, Weapon, Weapon Brace, Sigil, Wings, Brace, Special Other, Tattoo, and Set.

Hi everyone! I’m Big D Senpai, one of the founders of Anata NFT. Welcome to the very first guide in the Anatacademy series!

Most Anatacademy articles will focus on teaching users how to use all of the amazing technology involved in streaming and meeting with Live2D Vtuber avatars. We’ll be using this space to show you how to get the most out of your Anata, including how to use Vtube Studio, Hologram, OBS, Twitch Studio, and a lot more.

Today though, we’re going to cover something very relevant to those who plan to mint Anatas tomorrow: Traits and Sets! I’ll run you through all the details in the article below. First though, just in case you missed it, you can catch a full demo of Anata here:


When we started building Anata NFT, we came into it with a mindset that “every Anata should be a unique 1 of 1”. After months of incredibly hard work from our art team, I think we can safely say that we fulfilled that goal. For a collection made up of only 2000 NFTs, Anata ended up with a huge range of different assets, attributes, and accessories. We’re very proud of it, and we think owners are going to love their new avatars!

With that said, after soliciting lots of early advice from friends and community members, we realized that it was also important for us to include some common elements and cohesive themes for some Anatas. The main reasons for this were twofold:

· The NFT community at large seems to prefer a certain level of “rarity” in their collections. If all of the traits in a collection are rare, then ultimately none of them are.

· Having some shared elements and a few specific themed sets of Anatas allows friends, colleagues, community members, etc. to collect and use similarly-themed avatars for things like group calls and collab streams.

With that in mind, we think we’ve ended up with a perfect balance of uniqueness and cohesiveness, while also creating a useful statistical distribution of named traits for applications like Rarity Tools.

In the following sections, we’ll break down what elements make up each different trait category, preview a bunch of Anatas, and explain how we used Sets to group certain themed Anatas for easy searching.


The basic categories of traits for Anata NFTs are:

CLOTHING: The outfits, jackets, skinsuits, dresses, battle suits, etc. that adorn each Anata! There are many different variations of each main outfit type, so to keep things digestible, we’ve tried to keep different versions of each base outfit grouped together.

Some of the many clothing traits!

HAIR: We have an incredibly diverse selection of hairstyles and hair colors — so much so that it became impossible to name them all! With that in mind, we grouped these into main categories by basic type and color, like Twintails, Buns, Long, Short, etc. As you’ll see post-reveal, greater categories like Buns can have a number of variations and styles within them.

Three different Anatas with Buns!

TYPE: Angels, Devils, Humans, Draconic, Arachnids, Kemonomimi, and more! There are many different “types” of Anatas, some of which are more rare than others.

A Kemonomimi, a Fairy, and an Angel

Face: Goggles, glasses, masks, eyepatches, bandages, piercings, crystals, freckles — anything on or around the face falls into this category.

Various face accessories, like glasses, masks, eyepatches!

Hair Accessories: Hair clips, earrings, hair ribbons, Kanzashi, seed sprouts — this category mostly covers traits that go in the hair or onto the side of the head.

Hair accessories, like Kanzashi and earrings!

Head: Ears such as kemonomimi (animal ears), cyber kemonomimi, and elf ears, plus devil horns, angel head-wings, nature spirit branches, etc.

Devil horns, angel head wings, and cyber kemonomimi

Head Accessory: Halos, hats, bandanas, big ribbons, crowns, maid hats, flower rings — basically anything that circles around the head.

Halos, masks, and more

Tattoo: Tattoos and paint on the face and body.


Weapons: Some Anatas are armed and dangerous! We’ve got a full arsenal of weapons, like rail cannons, beam rifles, katanas, spears, chainsaws, miniguns, and many more.

Guns, swords, scythes, warhammers…many Anatas are armed to the teeth!

Special: The most interesting category of all! Special includes all kinds of exciting traits that don’t fit into any other category — rare skins, wings, magic sigils, cyberpunk HUDs, skeletal hands, spider arms, flames, quivers of arrows — we’ve got a ton of surprises for you here.

Set: The final category. We used this property for two purposes: to give special titles to specific Anatas that are extra rare or inspired by a specific theme, and to group similarly-themed Anatas into sub-groups.

One use for Sets — giving unique identifiers to special individual Anatas!
The other use for Sets — grouping Anatas that share a central theme!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of some of our feminine Anatas! We’ve got a ton of unrevealed traits and surprises left to show off when Anatas reveal — we’re really looking forward to showing them all to you.

Anata has been a long time in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited that we’re finally debuting with our fair launch tomorrow, April 21 starting at 12 PM PST at

We would be honored if you’d join us on mint day and get your very own Anata. We’ll have another article out shortly that covers all of the details of the mint, but in the meantime, here’s a great thread by the Metadrop team that explains it concisely:

Happy minting!