The Complete Guide To Anata NFT

Details on the project, how to use an Anata, future plans, and mint details. Everything you need to know is here!

Anata NFT
7 min readMar 17, 2022

Anata is minting soon — check our twitter and discord for official date announcements

What is Anata NFT?

Anata NFT is a brand new form of identity for Web3 and beyond. It’s the first NFT you can literally be. Anata’s use your webcam or phone camera to mimic your movements exactly. When you speak, your Anata speaks. When you blink, your Anata blinks. Move your head back and forth, raise your eyebrows, squint your eyes — it’s all reflected immediately by your Anata avatar.

But we didn’t stop there — each Anata is bundled with a set of emotes so you can be extremely expressive. Fire eyes, anger, peace signs, shame, heart eyes, and more.

In all there are 2000 total Anatas. 1000 masculine, 1000 feminine with a ton of different traits like clothing, hair, ear rings, nose rings, tails, weapons, wings, face tattoos, backgrounds, masks, it goes on. With so many unique traits combined with a small supply, basically every Anata is 1/1. But some are clearly much rarer than others — for instance one of them is literally made of fire.

Here is a full demo (turn your sound up!):

We see Anata as the natural evolution of the PFP. Owning an Anata NFT allows the holder to express their NFT identity beyond the normal static profile picture, by actively wearing it and animating it with their own unique movements, habits, and body language.

We believe holders will find endless places to use their Anatas: work meetings, community calls, TikToks, game streaming, vlogs, and anything else that you can create or join with a computer and a webcam. We think the biggest use case of PFP NFTs is in self-expression, and video mediums are often the most expressive of all.

How it Works

Holders have two ways to use their avatars:

  • The traditional method: using a desktop computer with VTube Studio + a streaming program such as OBS (see below example). By signing a transaction on the Anata website, all the files needed will be downloaded to your computer.
  • The Hologram method: using a special one-click Google Chrome extension configured for complete Anata compatibility
Connect your wallet and choose your Anata
Adjust your voice, choose backgrounds from your other NFTs, and display emotes!

MacOS, Linux, and notebook users typically face a number of challenges, including OS and hardware incompatibility with most standard software for using these files. Anata NFTs allow users to bypass these restrictions easily — the one-click extension is compatible with Google Chrome on any device, and features all of the most important functionality of the desktop setup.

Extension users do not need to download anything — not even their own Anata files. The extension pulls the NFT holder’s files directly from Arweave decentralized storage, requiring only a connection to their wallet. Once this is completed, users can switch their Anata on and off at will, use emotes, adjust positioning and zoom, change backgrounds, and more. Very privacy-sensitive users can even disguise their voices with the built-in modulator.

The Anatacademy — Learn from the Pros

After mint, we will also be providing a series of guides and live classes for holders called “The Anatacademy”, led by founder, and streamer Big D Senpai. The goal of the Anatacademy is to teach holders everything there is to know about using their Anata in any way they choose — we will teach owners how to master tools like VTube Studio, OBS, and the one-click extension.

Anata owners will be able to learn all of the best practices for broadcasting to any app they want: Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Google Meets, Zoom, TikTok, and anything else they choose. They will also be able to learn more complex skills, such as how to collab stream with multiple VTubers at once, how to use professional editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro to turn VTuber recordings into polished VODs, and how to map commands and emotes to external hardware like the Stream Deck.

The Treasury, the DAO, and Voting

NFT as identity isn’t the only thing we’re pushing forward, we also want to set a new precedent for how mint proceeds look. Most projects will take ETH from the mint and consider it a “purchase of art” for the creators to pocket

We believe that a significant amount of the mint should be to support the project for the long term, so it can live on even without its creators. To accomplish this, 50% of the mint post fees will be put into a treasury directed via governance.

This treasury is unlike treasuries in defi. The goal is not to grow it — we actually want to be one of the first treasuries that gets aggressively burnt to make stuff. There is no RFV, it will never earn revenues (except royalties), it will never launch a coin, and never get distributed. The treasury is exclusively for creating more art, hiring folks onto the project for long term support (ie. mods), and building out the world of Anata. We’ll have a full charter to kick off the treasury once the mint completes but expect it to be used to deliver some cool stuff that holders want.

Some ideas include:

  • Commissioning a 3D VRM studio to make a metaverse-ready 3D model of each Anata, Allowing users to become their Anata in 3D virtual realities like VRChat, NeosVR, and more
  • Commissioning a professional 2D anime-style art team to create stylized 2D profile pictures of each Anata. Your own personal unique 2D art, great for PFPs, banners, and wherever else you’d like to show off your avatar
  • Commissioning an artist to do personalized sticker packs for each Anata. Great for reacts in Twitch, Discord, and Telegram

If the treasury and Anata DAO can execute on all of the above, Anata would be the most elaborate identity based NFT as it would cover every single medium — chat, profile pictures, video calls, streams, tik toks, and even vr models.

Of course, each of these ideas have varying costs so it really depends on how big the treasury is and what holders want most

Tokenomics and The Mint

In order to mint an Anata you need to get on the whitelist. To get on the whitelist you need to tag 27 friends, retweet 16 posts, tattoo the ETH logo on your left butt cheek and send us your seed phrase.

Kidding… we hate whitelists. Instead we’re doing an extremely fair launch with Metadrop! The mint date will be announced soon. Check our discord and twitter for announcements.

  • Each wallet can mint up to 3 Anatas
  • Over a 24h period you can bid whatever you’d like to pay for an Anata. Bids can be increased at any time but cannot be cancelled.
  • The top 1920 bids will win an Anata, but everyone will pay the price of the lowest winning bid
  • The auction will end at a random time within the last 3 hours

We think this is the best option because it means nobody will over or underpay for an Anata, everyone will get the same price, and it gives an opportunity to bootstrap a healthy treasury for holders.

Tokenomics will be as follows:

  • ETH from the mint: 10% to Metadrop to conduct the mint. The remainder is split 50/50 between the team and the treasury. The treasury will cover some initial costs like hiring mods.
  • Anata NFTs: 40 to the Metadrop treasury, 27 to the team (9 per founder), 2 for the hologram team, 3 to Anata mods, 8 for giveaways, and 1920 for the auction
  • Royalties: there will be a 5% royalty on the collection. 1% for the Metadrop treasury, 1% for the Anata treasury, and 1% to each founder (total of 3%)

The Start of a Grand Journey

In case you couldn’t tell, we really are incredibly excited for the future of Anata. Everyone on the team has poured their hearts and souls into the process of taking this project from just an idea to a fully realized concept — not just the founders, but also our incredible partners from the art team , the Metadrop team, and Hologram.

We’ll be launching very, very soon — we really hope you’ll join us for the fair launch sale. We have been completely humbled by the level of excitement and support we’ve seen from the NFT community so far. We plan to do everything in our power to live up to their expectations, and to make sure that holders have all of the support and resources that they need to build a world-class DAO for years to come.