Let’s go, Aka-Chan!

Breeding Season is here!

  • Starting today at 12pm PST, holders can click the breeding zone drop-down banner on the Anata website, where they will be able to choose another Anata to breed with for each Anata NFT they hold.
  • Anata holders can breed with whomever they wish (including themselves if they have more than 1 Anata and they’re into that sort of thing).
  • The holder of the Anata NFT that they choose to breed with must also choose to breed with them. Proposed breeding partners will show up in the invitation section. Come visit the Breeding section in the Discord to find a partner!
  • The official cut-off date will be 2 weeks from the breeding website launch, on August 24th at 12pm PST.
  • We expect the art creation portion of the project to take a couple months (the art team will be working hard every day to custom build each chibi model!). Close to the final art release date, each successful breeding pair will get airdropped an egg NFT (one per Anata).
  • Both Aka-Chans from the same parents will be unique! They’ll have slight differences so they can be told apart but still be siblings!
  • All royalties collected will go directly to the Anata DAO treasury.
  • Yes, you can make an Aka-Chan with Cold Blooded Shiller, Degen Spartan, Coin Alchemist, the Sudoswap team, or any of the other honoraries. Each of them will be able to select one main collection Anata (or fellow honorary) to breed with, so start flirting!
  • Lastly, if you have any troubles at all with your breeding experience drop-in to the #website-support chatroom in our discord under the Support category and we’ll get you sorted.
A cute daemon Aka-Chan with our signature angel Anata Aka-Chan
See our twitter page for some videos of the Aka-Chans in action!



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