How To Trade Anatas With Sudoswap

Anata NFT
3 min readApr 23, 2022

Because Anatas are NFT identities on steroids we expect holders to want to really get one that fits their aesthetics. This means people will likely want to trade with each other, and it doesn’t have to be by selling on a marketplace and buying a new one.

Instead holders can find each other through the trading channel in discord (use collab land to get the Anata Holder role) and make a trade with no fees!

Only one party needs to setup the swap. Before doing so, ask your counter-party for the Ethereum wallet address their Anata is in and what ID their Anata is (confirm this on OpenSea or wherever you prefer to browse NFT collections).

This tutorial will show you how to peer to peer swap:

  1. Visit and connect your wallet (top right)
  2. Click “create swap”
  3. Paste the wallet address of your counter party in the “only for” input field. Leave the expiration date blank unless you want the swap to expire for a length other than 1 week. We imagine most swaps will be fast so we would make it 1 day.

4. Under the have section, click the big “+ add assets” button. Anata is not built into sudoswap yet so select the “custom asset” tab. Use the following settings
Asset Type: ERC721
Asset Address: 0xf729f878f95548bc7f14b127c96089cf121505f8
ID: The ID of the anata you own (this is the title of your Anata NFT on OpenSea)

Sudoswap Custom Asset UI
Finding the ID of your Anata

5. Close the popup window and you should see your Anata in the have column. Now do the same thing for your counter parties Anata in the want column.

6. If you haven’t yet approved Anata for trading on sudoswap, click the Approve button in the have column and sign the transaction (this costs a small amount of gas). Once the transaction completes the text will change to “Approved”

7. Click create swap and sign the transaction (this does not cost gas)

8. You should now see a trade code appear — copy this code and send it to your counter-party

9. As the counterparty, visit and click menu in the top left. Then select load swap. Paste the swapcode you were sent and click load.

10. To avoid scams ensure that BOTH contract addresses (blue highlight below) read 0xf729f878f95548bc7f14b127c96089cf121505f8. This is the Anata contract address and it should never be different. Also quadruple check that the domain you are on is You can click the Opensea icon in each card to view on Opensea and ensure they are the Aanatas you are trying to swap.

11. If you haven’t approved Anata for trade on sudoswap click the Approve button. If you have approved it will say “Approved” like the screenshot above.

12. Click accept swap, sign the transaction and your trade will be complete!

That’s all! If you have any questions feel free to ask in Anata discord!