Breeding Season Begins Now!

Anata 1 + Anata 2 = CHIBI!

It’s time! This article outlines all the details for how breeding will work for the next Anata drop!

The goal of breeding is:

  • Expand the world of Anata by introducing fun, new characters

The output of breeding will be a Chibi! Each Chibi Anata will be uncontrollably cute and unreasonably expressive. They feature huge eyes, many fun emotes, and full built-in hand tracking!

Just like with the base collection, every Chibi will be usable with Hologram, and holders will be able to download their files directly for use in apps like Vtube Studio.

Here’s how it works:

  • In 2–3 weeks, holders will visit the breeding zone on the Anata website (not yet live) where they will be able to choose another Anata to breed with, for each Anata NFT they hold
Chibi Work In Progress

The Anata DAO has been hard at work over the past few weeks! Today, holding an Anata means you get:

  • A fully rigged 1/1 NFT you can be with tons of emotes, built in physics, unique attributes and a looping video

It’s an exciting time to be a holder and we’re excited to welcome the Chibis into the Anata universe!



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