Anata DAO Kickoff

Anata NFT
3 min readApr 27, 2022


This article will outline everything you need to know about the Anata DAO and how working together will look going forward.

Most NFT projects will sell NFTs and then holders have to hope the funds are used to deliver on the roadmap. For Anata, we did things a bit differently — minters don’t have to hope we ship a game or reveal what’s in a box as the Anata product started off fully delivered. The team put forward all costs and efforts to have many artists and engineers work around the clock to fully rig, design, and ship the collection.

But we aren’t stopping there — one of the most exciting pieces of Anata is half of the mint proceeds (post metadrop fees) and 1% of all secondary volume will be directed to a treasury to support the project and ongoing initiatives.

The way the DAO will operate is similar to that of Yearn — a setup that lets execution happen quickly for holders, but also giving holders say in how things are shaped.

The process will be as follows:

  • To start, the below multisig holders will be executors of the DAO — making initial hires, making product decisions with input from community members, organizing marketing efforts, etc. The “term” of the initial executors will run for six months following the conclusion of the Anata mint, at which time a DAO governance vote may be held to remove and replace executors.
  • More significant decisions (e.g., those incurring substantial expenses) will be executed only following a DAO vote to ensure the community approves of the decision. For example we are looking to hire out an entire art team for a year full time. This is a high cost and a full proposal and vote will be held.
  • At any time, community members may begin to engage in discussions around other projects and initiatives utilizing the treasury on a forum. Artists and community members are encouraged to come talk to Anata holders within those forums and discuss their ideas before the DAO moves towards a vote.
  • Once a proposal is prepared that has garnered sufficient support within the community, a multisig signer will approve and put up a snapshot vote where 1 Anata NFT = 1 vote. A proposal will only be put to a snapshot vote where there is a clear budget designated, people to execute on it (including any service providers the DAO wishes to engage, and the terms of that engagement), excitement within the community, and concrete timelines provided.
  • The currently appointed multisig signers have veto rights to any vote [via majority vote of the multisig signers]. A passing proposal may be vetoed only if the proposal is contrary to the purpose of the treasury (more below).
  • The voting instrument will always be an Anata NFT. Votes and future airdrops are for Anata NFT holders specifically as it is the core of the ecosystem.

As noted above, a gnosis safe multisig will be created to manage the treasury on behalf of the DAO. The multisig signers will be:

  • Hongzi and Tong (Hologram Team)
  • Psyopcop (Metadrop Team)
  • Grug
  • Big D

Up next you will see:

  • Full proposals to hire out an entire art team to constantly deliver to Anata holders
  • New hire for community management (if you poke around in discord you may already find them 😉)
  • A full marketing budget and plans for growth
  • The next product out of the Anata dao (🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚) … but that’s top secret

If you’re used to treasuries in defi, this one will be different — the goal is not to grow the treasury. It will never earn profits (apart from secondary market royalties), won’t be distributed, and should not be considered funds to “back” each NFT. Please do not confuse Anata with a treasury product or OHM fork. No holders of Anata NFTs will realize value directly from the treasury itself. Rather, the treasury will solely be used to fund more artwork, integrations, events, hires, airdrops, and other community-based initiatives.

As an Anata holder you should feel like you love your Anata, and your DAO is constantly delivering you more art, experiences, and airdrops!