AIP1: Onboard 7 Full Time Artists

Today marks exactly 1 week from the Anata mint event. Since then the DAO has:

  • Setup the multisig, snapshot, dao working charter, and is ready to win with 4463 ETH in the toolbox

This proposal will enable the DAO to rain more top tier, fully rigged models and other art onto holders!

Atelier Manawari is the team that was hired to design and rig the original Anata collection. The DAO seeks to hire the entire studio to be exclusive partners of Anata. This means:

  • 7 full time artists comfortable with live 2D art and rigging will be on the team

Costs of this will be $80,000 monthly in stables, paid at the end of each month

The art team will be responsible for shipping the next collection for every Anata holder. This includes all QA, traits work, rigging, and art. The expected timeline is a max of 4 months, although it will likely take less time. After this collection ships the DAO can re assess if it wants to continue with the relationship or not.

A snapshot vote will be held lasting 3 days with two options: Yes hire the art team, No don’t hire the art team. 1 Anata NFT = 1 vote.

To show off the capabilities of the team, here is some of their past work (including all of the Anata NFTs you hold today!):



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