Anata NFT is your brand new Web3 identity! 2000 anime-style VTuber avatars, perfect for calls, meetings, streaming, and much more. Anywhere you are online, you can be your Anata.

Anatas are fully-featured Live2D avatars, uniquely crafted by an expert team of VTuber designers and stored on-chain with Arweave.

If you’re not familiar with Vtubers, they are animated avatars that use your webcam or phone camera to mimic your movements exactly. When you speak, your Anata speaks too. When you blink, your Anata blinks. Move your head back and forth, raise your eyebrows, squint your eyes - it’s all reflected immediately by your Anata avatar.

Holders have two ways to use their avatars:

- The traditional method, using a desktop computer with VTube Studio + a streaming program such as OBS

- The extension method, using a special one-click Google Chrome extension configured for complete Anata compatibility (spotlight on the incredible team behind the extension tech coming soon)

Due to stringent hardware requirements, many aspiring VTubers have been unable to begin VTubing in the past using the traditional setup. MacOS, Linux, and notebook users especially face a number of challenges, including OS and hardware incompatibility with most standard VTubing software. Anata NFTs allow users to bypass these restrictions easily - the one-click extension is compatible with Google Chrome on any device, and features all of the most important functionality of the desktop setup.

Extension users do not need to download anything - not even their own VTuber files. The extension pulls the NFT holder's VTuber files directly from Arweave on-chain storage, requiring only a signature in Metamask to authenticate. Once this is completed, users can switch their Anata on and off at will, use emotes, adjust positioning and zoom, change backgrounds, and more. Very privacy-sensitive users can even disguise their voices with the built-in modulator.

After mint, we will also be providing a series of guides and live classes for holders called “The Anatacademy”, led by founder, streamer, and VTuber fanatic Big D Senpai. The goal of the Anatacademy is to teach holders everything there is to know about using their Anata in any way they choose - we will teach owners how to master tools like VTube Studio, OBS, and the one-click extension.

Anata owners will be able to learn all of the best practices for broadcasting to any app they want: Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Google Meets, Zoom, TikTok, and anything else they choose. They will also be able to learn more complex skills, such as how to collab stream with multiple VTubers at once, how to use professional editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro to turn VTuber recordings into polished VODs, and how to map commands and emotes to external hardware like the Stream Deck.

With only 2000 NFTs, Anata will offer a smaller, more intimate community than most typical 10k PFP mints. Our goal is to help foster a warm, welcoming, and collaboration-friendly environment - we think an engaged community of VTubers can build some really incredible things together.

In addition to the Anatacademy, the treasury, and the normal assortment of standard NFT community benefits (Anatas Follow Anatas, token-gated Discord channels, etc.), holders will also be able to participate in some unique events and initiatives. We can't expand much on this quite yet, but we picture things like:

- Unique "metaversal" collaborations with other NFT and crypto communities

- Anata group VTubing events

- Secret events and contests tied into certain Anata traits (top secret)

- Community outreach to noteworthy streamers, VTubers, and other relevant industry members for interviews and joint projects

- Streamathons and other contests - win bragging rights (and more?)

- [Redacted]

This is just a starting point, of course. As a DAO (more on this in the next section), the ideas and suggestions of the founders are only one data point in the much larger whole. We expect this list of social offerings, events, benefits, and projects to grow and evolve tremendously from community input.

We want Anata ownership to be incredibly rewarding and valuable for holders - to accomplish this, we are reserving 50% of the ETH raised from the mint exclusively for the project treasury. Anata holders will be able to direct the spending of this ETH through voting.

We’ve got some ideas of how these funds might be used for the benefit of holders, such as:

- Commission a 3D VRM studio to make a metaverse-ready 3D model of each Anata. Become your Anata in 3D virtual realities like VRChat, NeosVR, and more

- Commission a professional 2D anime-style art team to create stylized 2D profile pictures of each Anata. Your own personal unique 2D art, great for PFPs, banners, and wherever else you’d like to show off your avatar

- Commission an artist to do personalized sticker packs for each Anata. Great for reacts in Twitch, Discord, and Telegram

- Hire new team members as needed to support and enrich the Anata community

With that said, the future of the project’s treasury is truly up to the holders. Anyone can propose ideas in addition to (or instead of) the ones included above, and community majority voting will ultimately decide how the funds are allocated. We believe this will offer the greatest possible future value to our community.

In case you couldn't tell, we really are incredibly excited for the future of Anata. Everyone on the team has poured their hearts and souls into the process of taking this project from just an idea to a fully realized concept - not just the founders, but also our incredible partners from the art team (spotlight on this incredibly talented collective to come soon), the Metadrop team, and the extension team.

We'll be launching very, very soon - we really hope you'll join us for the Fair Launch sale via Metadrop. We have been completely humbled by the level of excitement and support we've seen from the NFT community so far for Anata. We plan to do everything in our power to live up to the community's expectations, and to make sure that holders have all of the support and resources that they need to build a world-class DAO for years to come.